Water Jet Systems

Watch a demonstration of the OMAX WaterJet Tilt-A-Jet and how it eliminates taper and other benefits. WaterJets and AbrasiveJet systems can cut metals, composites, glass, exotic alloys and many different materials quickly and with ease. Visit our Project Gallery for more videos.

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Applications for WaterJet Systems are rapidly expanding into new innovative solutions everyday. WaterJet applications can cut 10 inch steel, intricate marble in-laid floors or small, delicate optical quality glass and more. The evolving uses can virtually cut any material and the cutting speed gets your job out the door faster which saves you money.


Water Jets cut almost any material
Water Jets cut almost any material
Water Jets cut almost any material

IMS state-of-the art industry leading OMAX WaterJet systems cut quickly with no Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) associated with Laser or wire EDM and literally no distortion, tapper, cracking, burn marks or other heat-based cutting problems. Technological advances allow WaterJets to cut with maximum accuracy even on brittle materials.

WaterJet Systems Can Cut Virtually any Material.

WaterJet Systems cut with speed and flexibility, saving time and money. There is no limitation on what you can cut.

  • Metal Smooth cuts (up to 20 inches) and no HAZ on Aluminum, Cooper, Brass, Hardened Tool Steel, Stainless Steel and Titanium.
  • Glass Cuts precisely while avoiding problems associated with brittle materials. Can machine parts as delicate and precise such as optical quality glass.
  • Stone Cut stone such as marble, granite and more for custom stone design. Create and cut with speed and great level of detail.
  • Composites WaterJet AbrasiveJet technology cuts all layers of composites consistently with no burr or shredding while maintaining edge quality.
  • Exotic Alloys IMS can machine fast and with ease your exotic materials that are otherwise difficult including Inconel (nickel/chromium alloys), Hastalloy, hardened tool steel and titanium.
  • Ceramics Cut traditional and modern ceramics such as alumina and synthetic materials.
  • Rubber Cuts rubber faster and cleaner than other processes.
  • Wood Abrasive Jet systems cut wood extremely fast for intricate shapes, very practical for cutting shapes in veneers and plywood.

Til-A-Jet System