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IMS has a consultant customer service approach to help manage your process with experienced problem solving, course corrections/adjustments and innovative solutions in scheduling, engineering and drafting. We can consult you on our cost saving options.We can also handle full turn-key projects.


IMS Logistics strategies lead to quick distribution and inventory agility resulting in saving you time and money. We can help you keep your product close to your supply chain.

IMS is located in Central Illinois next to major rail/road/air arteries and within close proximity of Chicago, Indianapolis and St. Louis enabling:

Consulting Logistics from Illinois Manufacturing Solutions
  • Near Sourcing to keep supply closer to demand or R&D facilities.
  • Just-in-time distribution for local deliveries and routine due dates.
  • Short lead times for quick turnaround on tight, urgent, and last minute schedules.
  • FREE warehousing and inventory storage of your product enabling you bulk discounts with a staggered rollout.


IMS supports our full range of production processes with state-of-the art Logistics services. Our options utilize EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Kan Ban and demand-pull inventory systems that give you a variety of logistic solutions

We can fabricate it and get it there on-time.

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