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View some of our videos in our Project Gallery to get an idea of the conventional solutions and new possibilities IMS can provide you with for your Fabrication & Machining needs.

Laser Cutting

Lasers have become a conventional tool for cutting applications, here a ROFIN Laser quickly & easily cuts 2mm stainless steel

Laser Welding

See how Lasers are ideal for joining tubes and profiles. Our fast welding speeds lead to quick turnaround times for your project

High-Speed Laser Cutting

A TRUMPF TruLaser system promptly and nimbly cuts a range of materials and thickness and in most cases no post processing is required

Laser Marking Plastics

This video demonstrates three examples of using Lasers to mark plastics. Lasers can also be used to mark pc boards, moving workpieces, labels and numerous other parts and materials

Laser Marking

ID Cards can be quickly marked and processed using Rofin solid-state lasers that are virtually forgery-proof. Laser marking is durable, precise, distortion free and abrasion resistant

Laser Solar Cell Deletion

Among the wide variety of Laser appilactions is Solar Cell edge deletion, in this video a TRUMPF Laser gets the job done fast

WaterJet Cutting Glass

There is virtually no limitation on what WaterJet systems can cut besides conventional metals- plastics, rubber, carbon, titanium, crystal silicones and more. Here an OMAX WaterJet system demonstrates the glass pipe cutting process

WaterJet Tilt-A-Head

Besides cutting through 10 inch steel, Waterjets can be used with a Tilt-A-Head nozzle allowing accurate beveled cuts from 0-60 degrees. This video shows the versatility and precision of an OMAX Tilt-A-Head system on small cuts

Laser Cutting System with Rotary Index

Coming Soon! IMS will soon be offering the most versatile Rotary Index Laser System capable of processing round, square, rectangular and bowed tubing as well as C-channel, angle iron and flat sheets thus saving you time and money by eliminating fixture setup for welding and grinding

Heavy CNC Boring Cutting

This video demonstrates the easy cutting ability, thermal stability, rigidity and heavy duty-high torque boring action with a Haas Automation System

Milling, Drilling and Tapping

This video showcases the ability to turn and mill with a Y-Axis on complex parts with a small footprint. The multiple operations leads to a quick turnaround, which saves clients time and money